We live in an amazing world where the cost of information dissemination is so much lower than it has been in the past.  In 1998 when I finished high school and started college the Internet was still relatively young.  I remember leaving home with my good old dial up connection and being amazed at the speed of the university Internet.  It was amazing!  I remember sitting in my first computer science classes and learning the basics of computer programming.

In 2001, after I returned from a 2 year LDS mission, things still hadn’t changed significantly with respect to education.  Internet speeds had become faster and the amount of content available on the Internet was amazing.  That is when I started learning Perl, PHP, and database design.  At the time, it was still relatively difficult to find lots of material online to learn these technologies.  Now, in 2014, the problem isn’t find material to learn from online but rather it is difficult to find helpful online materials.

MOOCs like Udacity and Coursera provide opportunities to learn a wide variety of topics from the leaders in their fields.  I have worked on a variety of these courses for free.  Recently I have begun to participate in the Coursera Signature tracks.  I will have upcoming posts with reviews of each of the courses.

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