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Android Mobile PopUp

In the Day2DayDevelopment library I have included the code for PopUpMessage.mxml which is a file mean to be used for mobile development.  An example of this component is available below:

This sample app demonstrates the popup component.  The popup component has 5 variables that can be set.  The first two title and message which server fairly obvious purposes.  The last one is callback which return the label of the button that was pressed.

The two variables that need explanation are the buttonLeftLabel and buttonRightLabel variables.  The primary reason these buttons need explanation is because that is how the component differentiates between a two-button label and a one-button label.  If the buttonRightLabel is null then the component assumes it should be a one-button label.

As soon as I test the app on an Android phone I will upload the apk file.  The code can be downloaded on my Google Code page.

Google Code Project

So I have been putting together some of the different files I have been working on and created my own library.  It is available on Google Code at I will be adding files to it over time and providing examples using the library.  Currently this library uses one other library which is the AS3 Commons library.  I actually had written these functions myself but I decided that there is no need to reinvent the wheel and since the AS3 Commons library  is open source its all good.

Soundex and Reverse Soundex

Soundex is an algorithm used primarily for genealogy name algorithms.  It is probably the most simple of these algorithms but it can still be helpful.  I have started working on some of the phonetic algorithms and decided to share my soundex and reverse soundex code in the Adobe Cookbook.  You can find my post at I plan on implementing some of the other algorithms and making it open source.  I will post a link to the source when I get a little further along.

Jumped the gun

Apparently I jumped the gun on the new Flex Hero release (  I installed it and tried it out on an AIR application before I wrote my previous post.  I tried to run a couple of mobile applications and none of them work anymore.  So I went back to the website to see if there were any updates and the download isn’t available anymore.  Oops!

So I can now utilize the latest AIR features but I cannot run any mobile applications anymore….hopefully a new version will come out tomorrow to resolve the issue.

New Flex Hero Release (

A new release of Flex Hero was made available today on Adobe Open Source .  None of the listed features that I see are too terribly exciting but it is always nice to get a new release.  The new features in this release are those that are dated after the MAX Preview so anything later than October 24, 2010.

The features I see being the most useful are prompts for Spark components, a Spark Module, and a ViewMenu for the mobile components.

I will try to do a post later that demonstrates some of these changes.

One minor note is that the air-config.xml file seems to be broken, or at least it was for me.  However, I just commented out line 19 <swf-version>10</swf-version> and everything works beautifully.  I have also posted on the Adobe forum to see whats going on with that.