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Review of Think Stats by Allen B. Downey published by O’Reilly Media

Think Stats Cover
So to be completely honest I picked up this book for review a couple of years ago. It has taken me a long time to getting it finished and get a review written up. Hopefully, you don’t interpret that as being a bad thing against the book. Actually the reason it took me so long because I really felt the need to sit down at a computer, go through the book and write out the examples. Generally I learn best by typing out the code rather than just downloading and running it. So that is why it took so long.

Now, as far as a review. This is an excellent book if you are a programmer that is looking to learn more about statistics. I have taken statistics classes, read statistics books, and tried online tutorials and there are some concepts that I have found to be difficult to understand. However, I have been programming for many years now and this was a nice easy transition into these statistical concepts using programming techniques. The author does a good job of highlighting some of the different techniques and providing helper classes for some of the functions.

Overall I enjoyed reading and completing the code in this book. I am not a statistics guru but I do feel a little more comfortable with the statistical concepts. And in the end, I have a reference I can go back to in the future.

You can find more information on this book over at O’Reilly’s catalog